Poor Oral Hygiene In Men Leads To Problems In Bed

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There are plenty of risks linked to improper dental care and  poor oral hygiene which go far beyond just developing serious dental problems. Studies have shown that improper dental care can cause increased vulnerability to various infections, impaired function of cardiovascular system, increased risk of mental disorders including Alzheimer’s disease, and many other potentially very harmful health conditions. The researchers and scientific works aimed to study health risks related to poor oral hygiene and dental care are being carried out throughout the world. In the end of 2012, the findings of Turkish specialists from Inonu University in Istanbul were published in most of the online media resources. After carrying out a series of experiments and analysis, Turkish scientists came to a conclusion that those men who have bad breath, suffer from other dental problems caused by improper dental care are very likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and have quite serious problems in bed.   (There is a lot of dental hygienist in Zurich)

Such dental problems like gum inflammation or gum disease can definitely play a role of a sign of sexual dysfunction in modern men, the Turkish scientists are convinced. For the study, Istanbul researchers invited 82 young men in good health (both dental and sexual), aged between 30 and 40, and 80 young men suffering from erectile dysfunction and other related health conditions. After analyzing tons of various information collected on the participant for the last ten years, including the information about their daily diet, bad habits, lifestyle, and, certainly, dental health, the scientists could see that 53 per cent of the participants who reported suffering from sexual disorders had clear signs of gum inflammation, and some of them had obvious signs of gum disease. Among those participants who had no erectile dysfunction and did not have other health problems, less than 20 per cent were found to demonstrate very early signs of gum inflammation, but nothing more than that.

After taking into account other important factors, including being overweight, education level, level of income, social status, and many more, it became apparent for the researchers that poor oral care can play one of the leading roles and be one of the main causes of problems in bed in modern men. Turkish specialists suggest that having sever periodontal disease and other related dental conditions is linked to a very serious increase to suffer from erectile dysfunction: up to 3.3 times higher risk. “Physical factors cause nearly two-thirds of cases, mainly because of problems with the blood vessels, with psychological issues like emotional stress and depression accounting for the remainder,” said Doctor Faith Oguz, one of the authors of the research and a leading specialist of Inonu University in Turkey. It is estimated that in the modern world, there are more than 150 million men suffering from erectile dysfunction making this health condition one of the leading public health problems of modern times.

Certainly, the discovered risks are not the only unwanted health condition caused by poor oral hygiene and serious dental problems. As it was reported before, those who suffer from gum disease have increased risk to develop vascular diseases including coronary heart disease. Periodontists or gum disease is a condition caused by a common bacteria in patients’ mouth. This bacteria causes gum inflammation and affects other body organ and systems. According to the study leader, other factors like smoking or having a systemic disease could also play a role in erectile dysfunction in men. ‘To our knowledge, erectile dysfunction and chronic periodontitis in humans are caused by similar risk factors, such as ageing, smoking, diabetes and coronary artery disease,” he said. Thus, chronic gum inflammation should be considered one of the leading causes of sexual dysfunction and problems in bed for today’s men.


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